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Adriana Colón
(I) Puerto Rican/Neutral Latin American Spanish Speaker. Fresh, intelligent, strong. Whether English or Spanish – it’s effortless!
Adrianne Denise
AfAm. Unique, raspy, strong & full of versatility, specializing in urban reads.
Alicia Moore
Textured, youthful, and energetic. Conversational with a smile. [ISDN] [Source-Connect]
Alison Matthews
Strong, wry, conversational, warm, relaxed, and authoritative. [Source-Connect]
Alissa Zea
Hip and friendly millennial with a textured and relatable sound [Source-Connect]
Alyssa Szarkowski
Bright, friendly and genuine. [Source-Connect]
Andia Winslow
AfAm. Millennial. Conversational, real, textured, resonate, athletic, and persuasive.
Ann DeWig
Unique, genuine, organic and grounded. Natural air and texture, 30s-50s [Source-Connect]
Antonia Flynn
Textured and warm millennial voice.
Bobbi Owens
AfAm NON-Urban, Polished, Powerful & Professional - Educated Sound. Voice Quality: Warm, Rich – Mezzo, Flexible with a diverse range.
Caety Sagoian
Raspy and rich in tone with versatile range from little boys and girls to motherly warmth. Animation wunderkind.
Canara Heinke
Rock star late teens/early 20s talent from spoiled suburban teen to heartfelt big sister. [ISDN] [Source-Connect]
Carol Bach-y-Rita
Warm, inviting, compelling, real. [Source-Connect]
Caroline Slaughter
Honest, Personable and Versatile, from Warm & Sophisticated to Bright & Peppy.
Caryn Clark
The Hip Chick Voice - bright, young and fun. [ISDN] [Source-Connect]
Catherine Sheehan
Real, credible, Mom-next-door, mid-register. Can go from sexy and sultry to high-energy-holy-smokes. [ISDN] [Source-Connect]
Catherine Donnelly
Bright, contemporary, fresh, sassy, casual, and confident.
Chelsea Ghasserani
Warm, conversational, upbeat, perky, educational, and compassionate. [Source-Connect]
Christie Cate
Sounds like a unicorn – magically conversational. [Source-Connect]
Christine Cullingworth
Smart, grounded, and confident. Very easy to listen to. [Source-Connect]
Christy Fabbri
The Modern Mom. Friendly, playful and creative. [Source-Connect]
Dana Hurley
Cool, hip, textured, friendly, and versatile. [Source-Connect]
Dani States
The voice of your brand. Easy-on-the-ears, authentic, and natural. Engaging, warm, and fun. Contemporary and ageless. [Source-Connect]
Danyelle Taylor
20s-30s, Warm and friendly. [ISDN] [Source-Connect]
Debi Mae West
Sultry announcer; textured and soulful. [ISDN] [Source-Connect]
Diana Holguín
(S) American/Colombian Spanish Speaker. This bilingual talent is conversational, caring, professional, knowledgable, approachable, youthful, and wry. [Source-Connect]
Eleanor Caudill
Warm, rich tones. A voice that inspires.
Emma O'Neill
Warm, Confident, Engaging, & Versatile [Source-Connect]
Erin Lehn
Effervescent, real and believable - young, fresh and frisky.
Erin Setch
Youthful, Crisp, natural, friendly, bright, real...My favorite delivery is very conversational, friendly, "tell it like it is" with a smile. [ISDN] [Source-Connect]
Farah Rishi
Youthful, vibrant, and dynamic. [Source-Connect]
Frances Healy
Natural accent is a warm and rich southern Irish. Friendly and clear.
Geena Pietromonaco
Confident, strong, genuine, and textured. [Source-Connect]
Genevieve Baer
Youthful, upbeat, friendly, smooth, warm, versatile, credible, knowledgeable, girl-next-door, sexy.
Gina Rose
Approachable, sultry, warm, and wise. [ISDN] [Source-Connect]
Hannah Childs
Girl next door, soft, upbeat & energetic - real. [Source-Connect]
Heather Masters
Millennial, Young, Warm, and Real. [Source-Connect]
Heather Dietz
Fresh, "Mom", caring, fun, and youthful. [ISDN] [Source-Connect]
Heather Costa
Youthful, textured and contemporary. [ISDN] [Source-Connect]
Heidi Rew
Sweet, grounded, and sparkly.
Jameelah McMillan
Urban, conversational, wry, warm, and sincere. [Source-Connect]
Janet Ault
Your script. My voice. A splash of sass. Problem solved! [ISDN]
Jean Barrett
Rich and relaxing, deep & moving - what chocolate sounds like. [ISDN]
Jennifer Knight
Genuine Warmth & Cool Charisma: textured, contemporary, real. [ISDN] [Source-Connect]
Jessica Gee George
Personable, youthful, powerful and fun, amazing range, accents and characters galore. [ISDN]
Jewels Jaselle
(I) Mexican Spanish Speaker. Positive, youthful, and upbeat vibe with an extensive singing career to add the cherry on top. Bilingual. [Source-Connect]
Joetta Wright
African American, warm, grounded, personable, with a versatile range from light and bright to deep and soulful. [Source-Connect]
Julissa Aguirre
(I) Mexican Spanish Speaker. Bilingual with a talent for singing and dialects. Bright, clear, sweet, and sharp. [Source-Connect]
Karen Hutton
Simply Stunning. [ISDN]
Karyn O'Bryant
Quirky, fun, warm and inviting. All with a dash of snark. [Source-Connect]
Kat Harrington
Sultry. Sophisticated. Smooth. Rich. Warm. Intelligent. But also Playful and Cheeky.
Katherine Grant-Suttie
Millenial, lively with a little edge, encouragingly authoritative, haute-couture confidence and an eloquent finish. [Source-Connect]
Kathy Levin
Friendly, Trustworthy, Natural sound. Good with dialogue + Comedy. Good Improv. [ISDN]
Katie Gilmore
Authentic Millenial. Can be dry & wry, or your friendly trusted confidant.
Kelley Huston
Kelley's authenticity sparks an immediate connection with the listener. Upbeat, trustworthy, and knowledgeable with a pop of genuine personality. [Source-Connect]
Kim Handysides
Warm and relatable. Trustworthy and versatile. [Source-Connect]
Kimi Buser
Raspy, friendly, and approachable.
Kira Cook
Youthful, bubbly, and conversational.
Kitzie Stern
The voice you wish your Mom had...with a sense of smoky intrigue. [ISDN]
Laila Berzins
Warm, smooth, and silky. Seductive to professional.
Lani Minella
Incredible 4-octave range, articulate and animated, from sultry to Mommy, characters, characters, characters.
Laura Kriss
A natural voice that's quirky, energetic, and fun.
Laura Faye Smith
More Than Meets the Ear.
Laya Hoffman
Confidently cool and conversationally warm. Relatable, real, national sound. [Source-Connect]
Leah McCormick
Inviting, invigorating, warm and with-it! [Source-Connect]
Leslie Jane
Youthful, raspy, friendly and warm, her voice matches her name perfectly.
Leyla Lawrence
Imported from England. British/convincing American dialect. Bright, honest, educational, conversational, millennial, late teens-40's. Professional actress for 15 years; can be ALMOST anyone you need.
Liane deLotbiniere
English, French, whatever you need, Liane does it all with a smiling voice. [ISDN]
Lindsay Sheppard
Sweet. Sexy. Fun. The Voice that Pops! [ISDN] [Source-Connect]
Lisa Fuson
Alive, cool, likeable and hip - Lisa tells it like it is. [Source-Connect]
Lisa Suliteanu
Youthful rasp. Confident and warm. [Source-Connect]
Lyn McManus
From natural to sultry, warm and smooth, believable. [ISDN]
Mara Junot
Mid-20s to Late 40s. Warm, bright, sensual, natural, and conversational. [ISDN] [Source-Connect]
Mare Carmody
Warm, friendly style. [ISDN] [Source-Connect]
Marie Westbrook
Confident, textured, and sultry. [ISDN] [Source-Connect]
Maureen Jones
mid range with lots of shades and color; quirky; warm; caring; smooth; friendly; conversational; sexy. [Source-Connect]
Megan Hensley
Youthful, conversational, and sincere.
Mel Hulm
Versatile Australian voice. Natural girl next door, nurturing mother, eloquent professional, slick station imaging.
Melanie Haynes
Rich, Warm, Smooth, Authoritative, Upbeat, Natural. [ISDN] [Source-Connect]
Melissa Moats
Fresh, fun, sassy and real. High energy reads and natural smile. [ISDN] [Source-Connect]
Meme Simmons
African American, sassy, witty, "urban", raspy, sultry, warm, conversational, and fun.
Mercedes Rose
High performance drama; just like her name! Confident, sassy, believable and real...from soccer mom to the girl you take home to mom.
Mese Smith
Youthful and truly unique sound. "Adorkable!" [Source-Connect]
Michele Fisher
Friendly, upbeat, girl next door with a versatile range from sassy & sweet to warm & sensual. [Source-Connect]
Michelle Sundholm
Grounded, warm, and unique. [Source-Connect]
Morgan Pate
Friendly voice with rich texture.
Nikki Lu Lowe
Inspiring, natural, and inviting.
October Moore
She "gets it" -- free, real, sells but tells, 20s to 40s with magical charm...like Rice Krispies in lots of milk.
Peyton Wiewel
Age Range: 17-21. Sporty, intelligent, and mature for her age. [Source-Connect]
Rebecca Davis
Versatile, warm, fun, and quirky. [Source-Connect]
Reed Coleman
Smart. Loyal. Spunky.
Roberta Solomon
Smooth, classy, deep, humorous and real....and did we mention movie trailers? [ISDN]
Roxanne Stathos
Early 20's, real, spunky, and energetic.
Rupa Krishnan
Worldly, intelligent. British-Indian accent. Delightful! [Source-Connect]
Sabra May
Youthful with an edge, from mild and sweet to rocker chick with attitude.
Sadie Medley
Warm, texture, wry, attitude, real, relatable, playful, intimate, range. [Source-Connect]
Samantha Robson
Friendly, intimate, sexy, British, smooth, rich, wry, easy, warm.
Samantha Swan
Warm, credible and sexy, but can be quirky, youthful, bubbly, and fun. [Source-Connect]
Sandy Delonga
Grounded, upbeat, confident, & fun. An audible dose of positivity and warmth. [Source-Connect]
Sara Van Beckum
Raspy, conversational, sexy, professional, and authoritative. [Source-Connect]
Sarah Cooke
Late teens/early 20s, just a hint of texture.
Sarah Grayson
20-30, sweet with an edge of hipness, articulate and breathy, Ellen Page-style.
Sarah Kramer
Engaging storyteller with a huge array of characters and a talent for accents/dialects. Versatile, natural, savvy, conversational, millennial sound. [Source-Connect]
Saundi Harrison-Cooksey
Rich, smooth, inviting, comforting, warm, and edgy. [Source-Connect]
Shelly Fear
Cool, sexy, straightforward, fun, and sassy.
Sonny Warner
Specializes in TV News Promo, versatile/broad range, low, deep, sexy, friendly or authoritative, trustworthy, sultry, smoky. [ISDN] [Source-Connect]
Sunn St. Claire
Young, fun, friendly, and sassy. Perky girl next door with a wide range of voices from conversational to character. [Source-Connect]
Susannah Mars
Compassionate and warm authority. [Source-Connect]
Tammie Andreas
Warm, textured, versatile, pleasing to the ears.
Tenley Webb
Versatile, smooth, clear tone, great diction, strong narration.
Terra Cloyes
Warm, conversational, real, positive, grounded, bright, relatable and genuine. In short, Terra sounds like your most trustworthy friend. [Source-Connect]
Tifane Williams
Warm, wry, authoritative, bright, and sultry. [Source-Connect]
Tricia Brioux
Smooth, attractive, and compelling to business professional. [Source-Connect]
Veronika Sawyer
Warm, textured, and hip.
Whitney Szabo
Musical perky and young, earnest and warm, natural. [Source-Connect]