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A.J Beckles
Laid back, chill and cool millennial sound.
Aaron Landon
New York hip, Northwest friendly. [ISDN]
Alan Shearman
Polished, sophisticated.
BJ Butler
AfAm. Versatile, energetic, hip, and conversational with a touch of comedy. [Source-Connect]
Barron Bass
Warm, grounded, conversation and the last name to match his register...Bass.
Ben Carroll
Warm, conversational, character storyteller with some humor and a big range. Almost a perfect voicematch for Seth Rogen. [ISDN] [Source-Connect]
Big Llou Johnson
Distinctive and smooth, Urban, well...BIG, Barry White meets Darth Vadar. [Source-Connect]
Bill Mondy
Creative, textured, versatile and distinct. [ISDN] [Source-Connect]
Bill Corkery
Characters, nice-guy. [ISDN]
Bill Barrett
Characters, comical, announcer.
Bob Brooks
Great big voice, deep and full of texture, boom chicka-boom.
Bob Boving
Warmth with authority. [ISDN]
Bob Dunsworth
Distinctive and versatile, smooth to edgy. [ISDN]
Bob Bergen
Emmy-nominated voice of Porky Pig. In practically every single Pixar movie ever.
Brian Bremer
Trustworthy, accessible, and youthful.
Brian Mitchell
Approachable, relatable, and authoritative. [ISDN] [Source-Connect]
Brian von Dedenroth
Conversational and relatable. Clear, upbeat, and calming.
Bruce Miles
Warm, natural and delightfully twisted. [ISDN]
Cam "Buzz" Brainard
Friendly, organic, conversational, guy next door. Non-announcer, wry, with an attitude. [ISDN]
Cameron Gregg
Hip millennial. Warm and enthusiastic. Pragmatic and bold, with a Tech-feel. Your buddy, or a calm voice of reason. [Source-Connect]
Casey Campbell
Cool, friendly non-announcer announcer. Various styles: Edgy, sophisticated, wry, everyman, friendly. Types of comedic deliveries range from wry/dry to more wacky characters. Excellent improviser. [Source-Connect]
Chad Letts
Edgy, warm, casual, and conversational.
Chris Turbiville
An everyman with a cool edge who also happens to be a professional actor. [ISDN] [Source-Connect]
Chris Fries
Warm, rugged, and confident. [ISDN] [Source-Connect]
Chris Ackerman
Smooth, rich, deep ... with a hint of an edge. [ISDN]
Conor White
Late teens/early 20s, raw. The kid who wants to mow your lawn. [ISDN] [Source-Connect]
Dan Hurst
(I) Honduran/Neutral Spanish Speaker. Bilingual talent with a silky smooth voice in both Spanish and English.
Dave Fennoy
AfAm. One of the most recognized voices in LA. [ISDN]
Dave Pettitt
Natural storyteller. Versatile, deep, and Powerful. [ISDN] [Source-Connect]
Dave DeAndrea
Strong, Genuine, Engaging. Cool Dad. Corporate Casual. [ISDN] [Source-Connect]
Dave White
Pleasantly authoritative, resonant, warm and friendly as well as wacky and silly. [ISDN] [Source-Connect]
David Toback
Authentic and friendly millennial. Confident and versatile. [Source-Connect]
David Jeremiah
Conversational, gravely, honest, mid-range to deep. [ISDN]
Devin McNichol
Young, hip, and professional.
Don Moffit
Conversational credibility. Immediately engaging. [ISDN] [Source-Connect]
Donovan Corneetz
AfAm. Edgy. Urban. The voice of cool. [ISDN] [Source-Connect]
Doug Medlock
Rev the engine. Feel the rumble. Ride the voice. [ISDN]
Drew Patterson
Real, young, edgy. [ISDN] [Source-Connect]
Dustin Ebaugh
Agreeable, effective, casual, & clear. [ISDN] [Source-Connect]
Ed Bednarzik
Quirky and charming. [Source-Connect]
Edward Greenly
Deep, rich, and mature.
Eli Harris
Deep, warm, rich, authoritative, authentic and smooth.
Enrique Josephs Jr.
Rich, warm, friendly, and naturally deep. [Source-Connect]
Eric Raines
Understated. Inferred. Fervor. [Source-Connect]
Eric Hurst
Matter of fact and confident. Youthful, with a little bit of grit. [ISDN] [Source-Connect]
Eric Newsome
The man voice - let's just leave it at that.
Eric Martin Reid
Authentic, masculine, and contemporary, with conversational gravitas.
Erick David
Clear. Free. Youthful. [Source-Connect]
Ethan Sawyer
Real, encouraging and friendly dad.
G.K. Williams
Afam. Smooth, Ethnic, Informative, Warm, Friendly, Casual, Conversational, Urban, Energetic, Announcer, Passionate, Neutral, Youthful, Intimate. [Source-Connect]
Garfield Maitland
AfAm. Rich, resonant, real. [ISDN]
George Washington III
AfAm. Rich, smooth, flexible range, as big as necessary. Friendly dad next door, or demanding and commanding.
Glenn Howard
Killer Branding Voice – Real Person, Cool, Conversational, Original, Big City, Small Town, Approachable, Best Friend. [Source-Connect]
Glenn Rockowitz
"Regular Guy" - the perfect non-announcer announcer. Deep-to-mid-range male voice with a natural, sandy quality.
Grant George
Fun and youthful, great character range and attitude. [ISDN]
Griffin Burns
Youthful, energetic, conversational, boyish, age range 17-27, smart, confident.
Harlan Hogan
Grown older - if not up - Harlan's often described as 'The Voice of the Baby Boom', with a hipper edge. [ISDN]
Harvey Gold
Inspiring, sophisticated, trusting, authoritative. [Source-Connect]
Howard Hoffman
A character chameleon who when he tells a story, it stays told! [Source-Connect]
JD Cannon
Deep, African American announcer.
Jack Baca
Young and trustworthy. The guy next door with hip appeal.
Jason Linere-White
Coolest guy in the room. Athletic, quirky and mature.
Jay Preston
Conversational– Real Person, Very Cool, Unique, Attitude, Friendly, Approachable, Guy Next Door. [ISDN] [Source-Connect]
Jay Ward
Rich. Rugged. Epic.
Jaz Adams
Youthful, quirky, great with characters. [ISDN]
Jean-Francois Donaldson
Deep, smooth voice. Conversational and cool, with a talent for animation and gaming. [Source-Connect]
Jeff Hoyt
So naturally himself, he makes the script disappear. [Source-Connect]
Jesse Estrada
Friendly, with a touch luxury. [ISDN]
Jim Walker
Next door neighbor, warm, believable, smooth.
Joe Szymanski
Raw, natural, fresh, hip, fun, playful. [ISDN] [Source-Connect]
Joe Bosch
Youthful, charismatic, and confident, with a sharp comedic edge. [Source-Connect]
Joey Sommerville
Confident, neighborly. [ISDN]
Jon Ruhff
Youthful, hip and comfy. [ISDN]
Jon St. John
From movie trailers to impressions - deep voice with remarkable range & intense delivery. [ISDN]
Jordan Leopardi
Young, tech-savvy 20-something. [ISDN] [Source-Connect]
Jordan Reynolds
Authentic, youthful, no BS, improv comedy. Can keep it real and wrap it up with a hug. [ISDN] [Source-Connect]
Josh Millman
Confident and believable, GEN-X, high-energy and witty. [ISDN]
Josh Mead
Inviting, casual. Informative and warm. Fun! [ISDN] [Source-Connect]
Justin Gross
Warm, smooth, earthy, and authentic. [ISDN]
Kabir Singh
Real, conversational, and urban. A hip, college sound.
Ken Scott
Versatile, warm, intimate, trustworthy, credible, folksy, heartfelt, sexy, sophisticated. Similar to styles of Mike Rowe and Jeff Bridges. [Source-Connect]
Ken Foster
Conversational, casual and fluent in sarcasm [Source-Connect]
Kevin Perales
Guy next door, young dad, or older brother.
Kevin Cooke
Incredible range, regular guy, friendly and fun.
Lowell Deo
AfAm. Sophisticated. [Source-Connect]
Marc Graue
From movie trailers to urban and narration, versatile big voice actor with lots of character. [ISDN] [Source-Connect]
Marc Rose
Bright, Smooth, Warm, Can be edgy if needed.
Mark Benninghofen
Actor First. Trusted. Knowing. Experienced. [Source-Connect]
Mark Comstock
Mid-lower range with some texture. Wry, knowledgeable, articulate, subtle and edgy. [ISDN]
Marty Wall
Grounded. Irreverent. Unpredictable. - in a good way! [ISDN]
Matt Wiewel
Friendly, believable and the trustworthy voice of your tech-savvy neighbor. [Source-Connect]
Matt Dratva
Gen-X'er. A dude's dude with a clean, smooth and intelligent read. [Source-Connect]
Matt Fogarty
Youthful, energetic, warm. Real Guy. Cool Dad. Contemporary sound and style. [Source-Connect]
Matt Burns
Easy charm, true grit, and range. A clear male voice that is relatable and sincere, and tells it like it is without the sell. [Source-Connect]
Max McGill
Warm to fuzzy, bigger voice. [ISDN] [Source-Connect]
Micha Berman
A voice that cuts through - in a nutshell- smart, warm, dry and quirky.
Michael Langsner
Youthful, conversational, and believable. [Source-Connect]
Mike Doran
Fun, "guy's guy." [Source-Connect]
Mike Stoudt
Friendly guy next door. The one you can trust to water your plants!
Mike New
Like that guy at that party that told you something interesting. [ISDN] [Source-Connect]
Mike O'Brian
Conversational, –Real–, Natural, Guy Next Door.
Mike Bratton
Energetic, warm, and a good buddy. [ISDN] [Source-Connect]
Milton Lawrence
Dynamic personality, wide range.
Nathan Hunt
Energetic, genuine, persuasive, and youthful. [Source-Connect]
Nick Eldredge
Natural and smooth, mature and confident, trustworthy and versatile.
Patrick Delva
Authoritative, confident, conversational, and cool. A friendly, approachable voice with a flair for comedy and character voices. [Source-Connect]
Paul Boucher
Credible, wide-range, speaks French fluently. [ISDN] [Source-Connect]
Quinn Dalton
AfAm. Exudes excitement, influential. [ISDN]
Randy Johnson
Upbeat and energetic, with the range to go from the conversational everyman to classic announcer; even character voices! [ISDN]
Rich Orlow
Masculine voice from outdoorsman to next door. [ISDN] [Source-Connect]
Rick Riley
Deep, Rich, Resonant. Epic storyteller with a double heaping of sincerity. [ISDN]
Robert Clotworthy
Professional, approachable, intelligent, conversational & funny. [ISDN] [Source-Connect]
Rocco DellaNeve
Smooth and buttery baritone. [Source-Connect]
Rodney Rhea Jr.
Quirky, friendly, youthful Millennial. Conversational, comical, and animated. [Source-Connect]
Roger Leopardi
Friendly, fun, and versatile. [ISDN] [Source-Connect]
Rowell Gormon
Mature, fun, twinkle in his eye. [ISDN]
Royal Joiner
Friendly, believable, and confident. Cool and upbeat, with a wide range from professional and informative to animated and fun. [Source-Connect]
Ryan Stathos
Early 20s, thoughtful, emotive, and real.
Sam Rodd
Textured, hip, and unique. [ISDN] [Source-Connect]
Sam A. Mowry
Amazing range and ability, from loose and relaxed to tight and stuffy, characters characters characters.
Scott Holst
Sincere guy next door with a hint of texture. [ISDN]
Skip Mahaffey
Engaging everyday guy. [Source-Connect]
Stefan Johnson
Masculine, ominous, warm, rich, deep, sexy, and smooth. [Source-Connect]
Stephan Weyte
From whimsical storyteller to a whole cast of characters. Incredible range and naughty fun!
Steve Heinke
Our "with it" 40's, friendly, upbeat and energetic guy. [ISDN] [Source-Connect]
Steve Lawson
Warm, friendly, engaging and real, but with an edge! [ISDN]
Toby Ricketts
Trustworthy and conversational Australian storyteller.
Todd Levi
Impressive range with a textured depth.
Tom Kane
One of the top voice talent in the business, you hear him every day on the networks and in movie theaters...C-3PO, Yoda...too many to count! [ISDN]
Tom Park
Versatile, relatable, guy next door.
Tom Chantler
Sounds like he understands fractals, ties his own flies and plays a mean game of go with his niece--funny, genuine and intelligent--fairly deep pipes. [ISDN]
Trevor Lissauer
Genuine, Guy-Next-Door. Hip, animated, inspiring, and cool.
Ulf Bjorklund
Well-spoken and continental.
Weston Heflin
Your buddy next door to the gravelly whisky connoisseur, the Russian Bratva to the demonic overlord. [Source-Connect]
Zeke Hardman
Young, millennial. Believable, authentic, guy next door. [Source-Connect]