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Bobbi Owens
AFRICAN AMERICAN » AfAm NON-Urban, Polished, Powerful & Professional - Educated Sound. Voice Quality: Warm, Rich – Mezzo, Flexible with a diverse range.
Charlie Albers
BRITISH » Articulate, conversational, calm, smooth, warm, enticing, genuine and nurturing, with a natural rasp of smoky huskiness. [Source-Connect]
Christopher Kent
BRITISH » Mid-range British voice, with depth and texture.
Darren Altman
BRITISH » High energy and fun British voice.
Garfield Maitland
AFRICAN AMERICAN » AfAm. Rich, resonant, real. [ISDN] [Source-Connect]
Helen Moore-Gillon
BRITISH » Classy and proper British accent, with a bit of sass.
Jason Canning
BRITISH » British, Character Actor, Animation. [Source-Connect]
Kenny Dunkwu
BRITISH » Clear, precise, and engaging. [Source-Connect]
Yolanda Spearman
AFRICAN AMERICAN » Bold, charismatic, conversational, sassy, upbeat, friendly, and soulful. [Source-Connect]