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Ashton Sundholm
Age Range: 13-17. Energetic, upbeat, joyful, and genuine. [Source-Connect]
Avery O'Bryon
Age Range: 12-16. Imaginative, quirky, and adventurous. [Source-Connect]
Bailey Pellegrini
Age Range: 16-20. Smart with heart, articulate, inspiring, and she can also sing!
Beck Schurko
Age Range: 9-13. Adorable, unique, and endearing with a slight lisp. [Source-Connect]
Cameron Smith
Age Range: 14-18. Natural, articulate, and genuine. [ISDN] [Source-Connect]
Cassie Glow
Age Range: 15-19. Genuine teen with great range! [ISDN] [Source-Connect]
Champ Hollins
Age Range: 15-19. Playful, cheery, and articulate with a strong singing ability. Specializes and trained in animation. Fun and charismatic, with a wide emotional range. [Source-Connect]
Cyla Grace
Age Range: 9-13. Authentic little kid bursting with personality & range. Audibly ambiguous, charismatic, and delightful to direct! [Source-Connect]
Daniel Lara
Age Range: 17-21. Warm, friendly, fun, diverse, adaptable. [ISDN] [Source-Connect]
Daxx George
Age Range: 15-19. Smart and curious teen with a lot of energy! [ISDN] [Source-Connect]
Eva Coleman
Age Range: 17-21. Strong, sporty, sassy teen.
Everett Delonga
Age Range: 19-23. Spunky, quick-witted, and wise beyond his years.
Everett Sundholm
Age Range: 17-21. Depth, warm, authentic, kind, unique.
Everley Fogarty
Age Range: 6-10. Funny, cute, caring, and genuine. Everley is bubbling with natural creative energy! [Source-Connect]
Grace Fabbri
Age Range: 11-15. Kind and creative. She loves to draw and apply sparkly lip gloss. Her voice is cute, sweet, and compassionate. [Source-Connect]
Griffin Kingston
Age Range: 19-23. Youthful and cool, with a fun delivery.
Hudson Meek
Age Range: 13-17. Fun and energetic with great range!
Jack Fabbri
Age Range: 6-10. Energetic and fun-loving. He loves ice cream and adventuring. His voice is cute, spunky, playful, & funny. [Source-Connect]
John David Kelly
Age Range: 16-20. Versatile, energetic, and funny teen.
Jonah Bromley
Age Range: 10-14. Fearless, playful, and guaranteed to charm! He can access emotion and deliver serious copy with authenticity. ​He’s grown up with VO and takes direction like an experienced pro. [Source-Connect]
Kate Fabbri
Age Range: 13-17. Smart & spunky teen. She loves to play soccer and her favorite subject in school is math. Her voice is clear, articulate, and kind. [Source-Connect]
Kate Harrington
Age Range: 17-21. Intelligent, clear voice. A highly creative, super smart teen who is wise beyond her years. She can bring the gravity, the sincerity, and the sarcasm.
Kennedy Joy Foristall
Age Range: 20-24. Smart and expressive with terrific diction, fun energy, believability and range!
LJ Ruth
Age Range: 18-22. Dynamic, likable, and energetic! [ISDN] [Source-Connect]
Lexi Harrington
Age Range: 13-17. Lovable and relatable, compassionate and dramatic, sassy and silly. This funny teen loves to act, sing, and dance---and you can hear the sparkle in her voice.
Lexi Fontaine
Age Range: 12-16. Young, cute, and real.
Lila Sage
Age Range: 13-17. Real, sweet, fun, cute, emotive. [Source-Connect]
Lileina Joy
Age Range: 12-16. Joyful, genuine and bubblegum sweet, child VO talent with an impressive range, strong improv skills. [ISDN] [Source-Connect]
London Saunders
Age Range: 20-24. Fun, mature, passionate, charismatic, upbeat, and authentic. She sings, too!
Lucy Capri
Age Range: 8-12. Authentically adorable and fearless child VO talent. Makes impressive and genuine emotional choices. [ISDN] [Source-Connect]
Marissa Margolin
Age Range: 16-20. Sweet and spunky teen. Sassy upon request!
Mica Ruthfield
Age Range: 17-21. Bright, inquisitive, and well-spoken.
Mollie Masters
Age Range: 12-16. Young, innocent, smart, with an adorable lisp. [Source-Connect]
Nate Childs
Age Range: 17-21. Fun, authentic, and cool. [Source-Connect]
Nava Ruthfield
Age Range: 15-19. Sweet and Sassy!
Nico Floresca
Age Range: 13-17. Cute as a button and just as fun!
Phoenix Burke
Age Range: 16-20. Enthusiastic and natural teen.
Poème Carvalho
Age Range: 14-18. Sweet, mature, and genuine. Fluently bilingual in Neutral North American English and neutral French Canadian. A great singer, too! [Source-Connect]
Ryleigh Mill
Age Range: 19-23. From angel to attitude -- authentic. Good to the last take. [Source-Connect]
Sabrina Glow
Age Range: 14-18. Energetic, adorable, fun, and inspiring. [ISDN] [Source-Connect]
Taylee Slade
Age Range: 17-21. Fun, kind, real, and she sings, too!
Tucker Meek
Age Range: 17-21. Energetic, intelligent teen with texture and range, capable of making strong acting choices. Confident with improv and easy to direct.
Zoe Cannella
Age Range: 14-18. Sweet, genuine, cartoonish, and vibrant! [ISDN] [Source-Connect]