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Photo: Child's rain boot splashing in a puddle

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Ashton Sundholm
Energetic, upbeat, joyful, and genuine.
Cassie Glow
Genuine tween with great range! [ISDN] [Source-Connect]
Everett Sundholm
Depth, warm, authentic, kind, unique.
Everett Delonga
Young teen. Spunky, quick-witted, and wise beyond his years.
Griffin Kingston
Cool teen with a fun delivery. [ISDN]
John David Kelly
Speaks very clearly, versatile, energetic, and funny.
Lexi Fontaine
Young, cute, and real.
Lileina Joy
Bubblegum sweet, adorable, and adventurous. [ISDN] [Source-Connect]
Lucy Capri
Adorable and sweet. [ISDN] [Source-Connect]
Sabrina Glow
Energetic, adorable, fun, and inspiring. [ISDN] [Source-Connect]