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Caley Rose
Conversational, Fresh, and Genuine All American Girl Next Door. [Source-Connect]
Gina Rose
Approachable, sultry, warm, and wise. [ISDN] [Source-Connect]
Jennifer Knight
Genuine Warmth & Cool Charisma: textured, contemporary, real. [ISDN] [Source-Connect]
Laila Berzins
Warm, sooth and silky. Seductive to professional.
Liane deLotbiniere
English, French, whatever you need, Liane does it all with a smiling voice. [ISDN]
Marieve Herington
Energetic, young, warm, quirky, French, fast talker.
Michelle Sundholm
Grounded, warm, and unique. [Source-Connect]
Sarah Kramer
Savvy, natural, fearless, & fun. Girl next door-cool mom. Approachable and professional, w/ a wide range of character voices, accents, and dialects.
Sunn St. Claire
Young, fun, friendly, and sassy. Perky girl next door with a wide range of voices from conversational to character. [Source-Connect]