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Christine Cullingworth:

Smart, grounded, and confident. Very easy to listen to. [Source-Connect]
Christy Fabbri:
Kids Learning

The Modern Mom. Friendly, playful and creative. [Source-Connect]
Dana Hurley
Cool, hip, textured, friendly, and versatile. [Source-Connect]
Janet Ault:
Live Announcing

Your script. My voice. A splash of sass. Problem solved! [Source-Connect]
Karen Hutton:
Musings Missives And Magic

Simply Stunning. [Source-Connect]
Karyn O'Bryant:
Kids Elearning

Quirky, fun, warm and inviting. All with a dash of snark. [Source-Connect]
Kelley Huston:
Broadcast Narration

Kelley's authenticity sparks an immediate connection with the listener. Upbeat, trustworthy, and knowledgeable with a pop of genuine personality. [Source-Connect]
Kitzie Stern:

The voice you wish your Mom had...with a sense of smoky intrigue. [ISDN] [Source-Connect]
Laila Berzins:

Conversational and funny. Has gravitas, incredible character range, and great comedic timing. Gender neutral. [Source-Connect]
Lani Minella:

Incredible 4-octave range, articulate and animated, from sultry to Mommy, characters, characters, characters.
Leah McCormick:
Live Announcing

Inviting, invigorating, warm and with-it! [Source-Connect]
Liane deLotbiniere:
On Hold

English, French, whatever you need, Liane does it all with a smiling voice. [Source-Connect]
Lisa Fuson:

Alive, cool, likeable and hip - Lisa tells it like it is. [Source-Connect]
Michelle Sundholm:

Grounded, warm, and unique. [Source-Connect]
Nikki Lu Lowe:

Inspiring, natural, and inviting. [Source-Connect]
Saundi Harrison-Cooksey:
Documentary Narration
Crime Narration

Rich, smooth, inviting, comforting, warm, and edgy. [Source-Connect]
Sonny Warner:

Specializes in TV News Promo, versatile/broad range, low, deep, sexy, friendly or authoritative, trustworthy, sultry, smoky. [ISDN] [Source-Connect]