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In Both Ears is proud to present our dedicated Spanish Division.

We’ve combined a roster of international stars with impeccable service, to bring you the perfect voice from anywhere in the world.

Our talent are native speakers, offering a range of accents no matter what market you’re casting for. Authenticity is self-evident: When you hear it, you know. Spanish voices are in higher demand than ever before, but there’s no reason to be overwhelmed. With start-to-finish guidance from our Talent Liaisons, casting and translation change from intimidating to effortless.

The world is listening, y el mundo se habla español.

Talent List

Adriana Serna
(S) Colombian Spanish Speaker. Her warm lower register makes you lean forward to listen.
Alfonso Lugo
(S) Mexican Spanish speaker. Warm and Precise. From casual and confidence to corporate and clear his voice is simply enchanting. [Source-Connect]
Antonio Fornaris
(S) Puerto Rican Spanish Speaker. Youthful and fun. Makes even the toughest copy sound smooth and effortless. [Source-Connect]
CC Limardo
(I) Textured and trendy Spanish language voice. [ISDN] [Source-Connect]
Diana Holguín
(S) American/Colombian Spanish Speaker. This bilingual talent is conversational, caring, professional, knowledgable, approachable, youthful, and wry. [Source-Connect]
Elvis Di Marcantonio
(S) Venezuelan Spanish and Italian Speaker. He's a clear communicator and provides confident, engaging and profound voiceover.
Gabriel Saint Genez
(S) Argentinian Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese Speaker. He's an attention grabber for sure. Textured, Deep Voice of God. [ISDN] [Source-Connect]
Jordi Naro
Deep, yet gentle and welcoming Swedish voice.
Jordi Poch
(S) European Spanish Speaker. [ISDN]
Mario Góngora
(S) He's an experienced easy-going and youthful Spanish voice. [ISDN] [Source-Connect]
Michael Santana
(S) Puerto Rican Spanish Speaker. He's warm and sincere, with a deep and masculine voice. [Source-Connect]
Myriam Vargas
(I) Young and informational Spanish language voice.
Nicky Mondellini
(S) Spanish and Italian Speaker. This sophisticated and experienced actress is informative, clear and warm. [Source-Connect]
Reynaldo Infante
(S) Dominican Spanish Speaker. He masters both casual and corporate style reads. His rich lower register voice will put you at ease. [Source-Connect]
Rodolfo Fernandez
(I) Mexican Spanish Speaker. Guy next door Spanish voice, conversational and relatable.
Simone Fojgiel
(I) Uruguayan Spanish Speaker. Authoritative Spanish announcer ranging from light-hearted to sensual.
Vange Tapia
(I) Mexican/Castilian Spanish Speaker. Very expressive and svelte Spanish language voice with wide range. Also speaks fluid French and Italian.