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Bratton, Mike
Energetic, warm and a good buddy [ISDN] [Source-Connect]
Chantler, Tom
Sounds like he understands fractals, ties his own flies and plays a mean game of go with his niece--funny, genuine and intelligent--fairly deep pipes. [ISDN]
Comstock, Mark
Mid-lower range with some texture. Wry, knowledgeable, articulate, subtle and edgy. [ISDN]

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Dunsworth, Bob
Distinctive and versatile, smooth to edgy. [ISDN]
Fennoy, Dave
AfAm. One of the most recognized voices in LA. [ISDN]
Fries, Chris
[ISDN] [Source-Connect]

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Levi, Todd
Impressive range with a textured depth.

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Medlock, Doug
Rev the engine. Feel the rumble. Ride the voice. [ISDN]
Nachtrab, Dan
Enthusiastic, down-to-earth guy who could be your buddy or corporate spokesperson - bright, likeable, high energy, Midwestern, reasonable and logical. [ISDN] [Source-Connect]

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Peck, Allan
Young. Real. Conversational. Guy next door. Down to earth. Non-announcery. Not 'selly'. Just…me. [ISDN]
Raines, Eric
Understated. Inferred. Fervor. [Source-Connect]
Souer, Bob
Professional Storyteller. [ISDN]

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Ward, Jay
Rich. Rugged. Epic.
White, Dave
Pleasantly authoritative, resonant, warm and friendly as well as wacky and silly. [ISDN] [Source-Connect]