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Aimee Smith
AUSTRALIAN » Light and bubbly Australian voice.
Alan Shearman
BRITISH » Polished, sophisticated.
Alberto Luis
SPANISH » Luxurious Spanish language announcer.
Alex Poli
ITALIAN » Classic and traditional Italian announcer.
Alex Lopez
SPANISH » In-the-know Spanish language voice letting you in on the secret.
Alicia Moore
AFRICAN AMERICAN » Textured, youthful, and energetic. Conversational with a smile. [ISDN] [Source-Connect]
Amy Taylor
SPANISH » Confident Spanish language announcer with all the answers.
Andrew Telling
BRITISH » Straightforward and guy next door British voice.
Angie Gates
AFRICAN AMERICAN » African American. Rich warm tone with upbeat honest delivery
Angie Gates
SPANISH » African American. Rich warm tone with upbeat honest delivery
Armando Plata
SPANISH » Deep and musical Spanish language voice.
Armando Gutierrez
SPANISH » Mid-range guy next door Spanish language voice.
Barrie Buckner
AFRICAN AMERICAN » AfAm. Hip, urban, with a bit of an edge. [ISDN]
Barron Bass
AFRICAN AMERICAN » Warm, grounded, conversation and the last name to match his register...Bass.
Barry Leitch
SCOTTISH » Measured Scottish accented voice.
Ben McAuley
BRITISH » Musical British announcer voice.
Big Llou Johnson
AFRICAN AMERICAN » Distinctive and smooth, Urban, well...BIG, Barry White meets Darth Vadar. [Source-Connect]
Bobbi Owens
AFRICAN AMERICAN » AfAm NON-Urban, Polished, Powerful & Professional - Educated Sound. Voice Quality: Warm, Rich – Mezzo, Flexible with a diverse range.
Carol Bach-y-Rita
SPANISH » Comforting and knowledgeable Spanish language voice.
CC Limardo
SPANISH » Textured and trendy Spanish language voice.
Chris Kendall
BRITISH » Upbeat radio jockey British announcer.
Christopher Toyne
BRITISH » British, local, delightful!
Christopher Kent
BRITISH » Mid-range British voice, with depth and texture.
Claire Anderson
BRITISH » Knowledgeable and bright British voice.
Cristiano Barbieri
ITALIAN » Conversational Italian narrator.
Cristina Calderon
SPANISH » Natural and unpolished Spanish language voice.
Daniel Eduardo
SPANISH » Silky smooth Spanish language voice.
Daniel Azulai
PORTUGUESE (BRAZILIAN) » Expressive and engaged Brazilian Portuguese voice.
Danyelle Taylor
AFRICAN AMERICAN » 20s-30s, Warm and friendly. [ISDN] [Source-Connect]
Darren Altman
BRITISH » High energy and fun British voice.
Dave Fennoy
AFRICAN AMERICAN » AfAm. One of the most recognized voices in LA. [ISDN]
David Vickery
BRITISH » Proper and relatable British storyteller
Debbie Lin
CHINESE (MANDARIN) » Casual and conversational, light Mandarin accent.
Dieter Waiblinger
GERMAN » Conversational and unpolished German voice.
Donovan Corneetz
AFRICAN AMERICAN » AfAm. Edgy. Urban. The voice of cool. [ISDN] [Source-Connect]
Doris Hanne
GERMAN » Informational and confident German voice.
Echo Shen
CHINESE (MANDARIN) » Bright and earnest Mandarin voice.
Eduardo Fernandez
SPANISH » Spanish speaker, High school aged innocent boy next door. [Source-Connect]
Enrique Andrade
SPANISH » Smooth, polished, with a touch of Latin flair.
Eon Song
CHINESE (MANDARIN) » Young and trendy Mandarin voice.
Frances Healy
IRISH » Natural accent is a warm and rich southern Irish. Friendly and clear.
Fryda Wolff
SPANISH » Smooth alto with a lot of range
G.K. Williams
AFRICAN AMERICAN » Afam. Smooth, Ethnic, Informative, Warm, Friendly, Casual, Conversational, Urban, Energetic, Announcer, Passionate, Neutral, Youthful, Intimate.
Gabbi Mason
AFRICAN AMERICAN » Street smart African American voice
Garfield Maitland
AFRICAN AMERICAN » AfAm. Rich, resonant, real. [ISDN]
Gayanne Potter
BRITISH » British, Character Actor, Animation [ISDN] [Source-Connect]
George Washington III
AFRICAN AMERICAN » AfAm. Rich, smooth, flexible range, as big as necessary. Friendly dad next door, or demanding and commanding.
Gerald McBride
AFRICAN AMERICAN » Energetic and authoritative African American talent. [ISDN]
Gilberto Romagnolo
PORTUGUESE (BRAZILIAN) » Musical and conversational Brazilian Portuguese voice.
Heiko Obermoeller
GERMAN » Young versatile and accessible German voice.
Helen Moore-Gillon
BRITISH » Classy and proper British accent, with a bit of sass.
Horacio Mancilla
SPANISH » Versatile and accessible Spanish language voice.
Ian Russell
BRITISH » Precise and conversational British accent.
Isabella Arevalo
SPANISH » Classic and reassuring Spanish language voice.
Issa Lopez
SPANISH » Upbeat and enthusiastic Spanish language voice.
Jameelah McMillan
AFRICAN AMERICAN » Urban, conversational, wry, warm and sincere [Source-Connect]
James Clamp
BRITISH » Good 'ol chap, polished, young, great diction. [Source-Connect]
Jason Linere-White
AFRICAN AMERICAN » Coolest guy in the room. Athletic, quirky and mature.
Jason Canning
BRITISH » British, Character Actor, Animation [Source-Connect]
JD Cannon
AFRICAN AMERICAN » Deep African American announcer
Jean Barrett
AFRICAN AMERICAN » Rich and relaxing, deep & moving - what chocolate sounds like. [ISDN]
Jean-Luc Daniel
FRENCH (EURO) » Classic Frenchman, with an American optimism.
Jennifer Johnston
BRITISH » Enthusiastic and engaging British accent. Unique and relatable Scottish accent.
Jennifer Johnston
SCOTTISH » Enthusiastic and engaging British accent. Unique and relatable Scottish accent.
Jesse Estrada
SPANISH » Friendly, with a touch luxury [ISDN]
Joakim Nas
SWEDISH » Young, upbeat, and unpolished.
Joey Sommerville
AFRICAN AMERICAN » Confident, neighborly. [ISDN]
John Munoz
SPANISH » Cool and confident Spanish language voice.
Juan Aguirre
SPANISH » Confident and deep Spanish language announcer.
Justine Harris
BRITISH » Trustworthy and clear BBC-style British announcer.
Kabir Singh
AFRICAN AMERICAN » Real | Conversational | Urban | Hip College Sound
Karen Racicot
FRENCH (CANADA) » Intimate and airy French Canadian voice.
Karl Jenkinson
BRITISH » Conversational and relatable British accent.
Kate Hawkes
AUSTRALIAN » Deep and measured Australian accent.
Katy Silvester
BRITISH » Edgy, yet accessible British accent.
Larissa Gallagher
AUSTRALIAN » Larissa Gallagher
Liane deLotbiniere
FRENCH (CANADA) » English, French, whatever you need, Liane does it all with a smiling voice. [ISDN]
Linda Joy
GERMAN » Upbeat and confident German voice.
Lowell Deo
AFRICAN AMERICAN » AfAm. Sophisticated. [Source-Connect]
Lucy Paschall
BRITISH » Grounded and casual British accent.
Mara Junot
AFRICAN AMERICAN » Mid-20s to Late 40s. Warm, bright, sensual, natural, conversational [ISDN] [Source-Connect]
Marconi Teixeira
PORTUGUESE (BRAZILIAN) » The average guy in Brazilian Portuguese. Conversational and real.
Marieve Herington
FRENCH (CANADA) » Energetic, young, warm, quirky, French, fast talker.
Mark Ofuji
JAPANESE » Informational and clear Japanese voice.
Mauricio Perez
SPANISH » Punchy and matter-of-fact Spanish language announcer.
Melissa Thom
BRITISH » Intelligent and confident British accent.
Myriam Vargas
SPANISH » Young and informational Spanish language voice
Nick Ellsworth
BRITISH » Nick Ellsworth
Nicola Barber
BRITISH » BFF and girl next door with a British accent.
Nicola Bonn
BRITISH » Classic BBC British announcer.
Nicole Harvey
BRITISH » Breathy and factual British accent.
Pat O'Regan
IRISH » Smooth and versatile Irish accented storyteller.
Pavel Kuklin
RUSSIAN » Deep, booming, Russian language announcer.
Peter Bishop
BRITISH » Engaging and trendy British accent that makes you lean in.
Peter Reiche
GERMAN » Clear and expressive German voice.
Peter Stern
BRITISH » Smooth, enthusiastic, assured. [ISDN]
Quinn Dalton
AFRICAN AMERICAN » AfAm. Exudes excitement, influential. [ISDN]
Rachael Hoffmann
BRITISH » Sensual, magical, and expressive British accent.
Rachel Kylian
FRENCH (EURO) » Light and bubbly French voice, with depth.
Raul Arrieta
SPANISH » Casual and natural Spanish language voice.
Richard Topping
BRITISH » Instructional and proper British accent.
RJ Bayley
BRITISH » British, persuasive and appealing, range of accent work from ancient English vampires to grizzled American assassins. [Source-Connect]
Rodolfo Fernandez
SPANISH » Guy next door Spanish voice, conversational and relatable.
Rupa Krishnan
BRITISH » Description: Worldly, intelligent. British-Indian accent. Delightful!
Rupa Krishnan
HINDI » Description: Worldly, intelligent. British-Indian accent. Delightful!
Samantha Robson
BRITISH » Friendly, intimate, sexy, British, smooth, rich, wry, easy, warm.
Sanjo Ogunseye
AFRICAN (NIGERIA) » Deep and welcoming Nigerian accent.
Saori Goda
JAPANESE » Bright and upbeat Japanese voice.
Saundi Harrison-Cooksey
AFRICAN AMERICAN » Rich, smooth, inviting, comforting, warm, edgy
Sebestien Soliz
SPANISH » Fun and unique mid-range Spanish language announcer
Simon Vause
BRITISH » Trendy and cool British voice.
Simone Fojgiel
SPANISH » Authoritative Spanish announcer ranging from light-hearted to sensual.
Sylvie Grimm
FRENCH (EURO) » Bright and engaging French voice.
Tacquay Bradley
Tara Gloor
BRITISH » Quirky and conversational British accent.
Thomas Bosch
GERMAN » Mid-range casual German voice.
Tifane Williams
AFRICAN AMERICAN » Warm, wry, authoritative, bright and sultry
Toby Ricketts
AUSTRALIAN » Trustworthy and conversational Australian storyteller.
Todd Levi
AUSTRALIAN » Impressive range with a textured depth.
Tommy Largo
SPANISH » Young bright Spanish language announcer
Ulf Bjorklund
SWEDISH » Well-spoken and continental.
Vange Tapia
SPANISH » Very expressive and svelte Spanish language voice with wide range.
Veronika Sawyer
AFRICAN AMERICAN » Warm, textured and hip
Vlamir Abud
PORTUGUESE (BRAZILIAN) » Trustworthy and confident Brazilian Portuguese announcer.
Wuzhi Lu
CHINESE (MANDARIN) » Straightforward and visionary Mandarin voice.
Xiao Hu
CHINESE (CANTONESE) » High energy and clear Cantonese voice.
Young Choi
KOREAN » Mature and measured Korean voice.