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Adrianne Denise
AFRICAN AMERICAN » AfAm. Unique, raspy, strong & full of versatility, specializing in urban reads. [Source-Connect]
Aimee Smith
AUSTRALIAN » Light and bubbly Australian voice.
Alan Shearman
BRITISH » Polished, sophisticated.
Alicia Moore
AFRICAN AMERICAN » Textured, youthful, and energetic. Conversational with a smile. [Source-Connect]
Andia Winslow
AFRICAN AMERICAN » Millennial. Conversational, real, textured, resonate, athletic, and persuasive. AfAm. [Source-Connect]
Andrew Telling
BRITISH » Straightforward and guy next door British voice.
Anna Knaifel
RUSSIAN » Female Russian talent with range. Warm and confident.
Barron Bass
AFRICAN AMERICAN » Warm, grounded, conversation and the last name to match his register...Bass. [Source-Connect]
Ben McAuley
BRITISH » Musical British announcer voice.
Big Llou Johnson
AFRICAN AMERICAN » "They Call Him Big Llou". He's deep, soulful, and incredibly cool. If you want that bluesy sound in your script, look no further. Best New Artist of 2013 (Blues Music Awards). [Source-Connect]
BJ Butler
AFRICAN AMERICAN » AfAm. Versatile, energetic, hip, and conversational with a touch of comedy. [Source-Connect]
Blanche Anderson
SCOTTISH » Warm, husky, and characterful. An award-winning Scottish voiceover artist best known for being the voice of BBC Radio Scotland. [ISDN]
Bobbi Owens
AFRICAN AMERICAN » AfAm NON-Urban, Polished, Powerful & Professional - Educated Sound. Voice Quality: Warm, Rich – Mezzo, Flexible with a diverse range.
CC Limardo
(I) Textured and trendy Spanish language voice. [ISDN] [Source-Connect]
Charlie Albers
BRITISH » Articulate, conversational, calm, smooth, warm, enticing, genuine and nurturing, with a natural rasp of smoky huskiness. [Source-Connect]
Chris Kendall
BRITISH » Upbeat radio jockey British announcer.
Christopher Kent
BRITISH » Mid-range British voice, with depth and texture.
Christopher Toyne
BRITISH » British, local, delightful!
Claire Anderson
BRITISH » Knowledgeable and bright British voice.
Daniel Azulai
PORTUGUESE (BRAZILIAN) » Expressive and engaged Brazilian Portuguese voice.
Danyelle Taylor
AFRICAN AMERICAN » 20s-30s, Warm and friendly. [Source-Connect]
Darren Altman
BRITISH » High energy and fun British voice.
Dave Fennoy
AFRICAN AMERICAN » AfAm. One of the most recognized voices in LA. [ISDN]
David Vickery
BRITISH » Proper and relatable British storyteller.
Debbie Lin
CHINESE (MANDARIN) » Casual and conversational, light Mandarin accent.
Dieter Waiblinger
GERMAN » Conversational and unpolished German voice.
Donovan Corneetz
AFRICAN AMERICAN » AfAm. Edgy. Urban. The voice of cool. [ISDN] [Source-Connect]
Doris Hanne
GERMAN » Informational and confident German voice.
Echo Shen
CHINESE (MANDARIN) » Bright and earnest Mandarin voice.
Eli Harris
AFRICAN AMERICAN » Deep, warm, rich, authoritative, authentic and smooth.
Elvis Di Marcantonio
ITALIAN » (S) Venezuelan Spanish and Italian Speaker. He's a clear communicator and provides confident, engaging and profound voiceover.
Eon Song
CHINESE (MANDARIN) » Young and trendy Mandarin voice.
Frances Healy
IRISH » Natural accent is a warm and rich southern Irish. Friendly and clear.
G.K. Williams
AFRICAN AMERICAN » Afam. Smooth, Ethnic, Informative, Warm, Friendly, Casual, Conversational, Urban, Energetic, Announcer, Passionate, Neutral, Youthful, Intimate. [Source-Connect]
Gabriel Saint Genez
PORTUGUESE (BRAZILIAN) » (S) Argentinian Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese Speaker. He's an attention grabber for sure. Textured, Deep Voice of God. [ISDN] [Source-Connect]
Garfield Maitland
AFRICAN AMERICAN » AfAm. Rich, resonant, real. [ISDN] [Source-Connect]
Gayanne Potter
BRITISH » British, Character Actor, Animation. [ISDN] [Source-Connect]
George Washington III
AFRICAN AMERICAN » AfAm. Rich, smooth, flexible range, as big as necessary. Friendly dad next door, or demanding and commanding. [Source-Connect]
Gilberto Romagnolo
PORTUGUESE (BRAZILIAN) » Musical and conversational Brazilian Portuguese voice.
Helen Moore-Gillon
BRITISH » Classy and proper British accent, with a bit of sass.
Ian Russell
BRITISH » Precise and conversational British accent.
Jameelah McMillan
AFRICAN AMERICAN » Urban, conversational, wry, warm, and sincere. [Source-Connect]
James Clamp
BRITISH » Good 'ol chap, polished, young, great diction. [Source-Connect]
Jason Canning
BRITISH » British, Character Actor, Animation. [Source-Connect]
Jason Linere-White
AFRICAN AMERICAN » Coolest guy in the room. Athletic, quirky and mature.
JD Cannon
AFRICAN AMERICAN » Deep, African American announcer.
Jean Barrett
AFRICAN AMERICAN » Rich and relaxing, deep & moving - what chocolate sounds like. [ISDN]
Jean-Francois Donaldson
AFRICAN AMERICAN » Deep, smooth voice. Conversational and cool, with a talent for animation and gaming. [Source-Connect]
Jean-Luc Daniel
FRENCH (EURO) » Classic Frenchman, with an American optimism.
Jennifer Johnston
BRITISH » SCOTTISH » Enthusiastic and engaging British accent. Unique and relatable Scottish accent.
Joetta Wright
AFRICAN AMERICAN » African American, warm, grounded, personable, with a versatile range from light and bright to deep and soulful. [Source-Connect]
Joey Sommerville
AFRICAN AMERICAN » Confident, neighborly. [ISDN]
June Yoon
KOREAN » Clear, warm, and conversational voice actor. Authoritative and wildly dynamic! [Source-Connect]
Justine Harris
BRITISH » Trustworthy and clear BBC-style British announcer.
Kabir Singh
AFRICAN AMERICAN » Real, conversational, and urban. A hip, college sound. [Source-Connect]
Karen Racicot
FRENCH (CANADA) » Intimate and airy French Canadian voice.
Karl Jenkinson
BRITISH » Conversational and relatable British accent.
Kenny Dunkwu
BRITISH » Clear, precise, and engaging. [Source-Connect]
Larissa Gallagher
AUSTRALIAN » Rich, sultry, and energetic.
Leon Feldman
HEBREW » Powerful, mature, and vibrant Israeli voice with a lot of range.
Liane deLotbiniere
FRENCH (CANADA) » English, French, whatever you need, Liane does it all with a smiling voice. [Source-Connect]
Linda Joy
GERMAN » Upbeat and confident German voice.
Louisa Gummer
BRITISH » British voiceover with a warm, silky, intelligent & informative style. Strong, authoritative, & approachable.
Louise McCance-Price
SOUTH AFRICA » Warm and sincere, full of energy. Youthful tone and bright!
Luca Torchiani
ITALIAN » Warm, professional, corporate, and friendly. Versatile and clear. [Source-Connect]
Mara Junot
AFRICAN AMERICAN » Mid-20s to Late 40s. Warm, bright, sensual, natural, and conversational. [ISDN] [Source-Connect]
Marconi Teixeira
PORTUGUESE (BRAZILIAN) » The average guy in Brazilian Portuguese. Conversational and real.
Mel Hulm
AUSTRALIAN » Versatile Australian voice. Natural girl next door, nurturing mother, eloquent professional, slick station imaging.
Melissa Thom
BRITISH » Intelligent and confident British accent. [Source-Connect]
Nick Ellsworth
BRITISH » Classic and animated. Deep and textured with plenty of range.
Nicky Mondellini
ITALIAN » (S) Spanish and Italian Speaker. This sophisticated and experienced actress is informative, clear and warm. [Source-Connect]
Nicola Barber
BRITISH » BFF and girl next door with a British accent.
Nicole Harvey
BRITISH » Breathy and factual British accent.
Pamela van der Wal
DUTCH » Youthful Dutch voice that's clear and sophisticated. Perfect for that global English project that you are casting.
Pat O'Regan
IRISH » Smooth and versatile Irish accented storyteller.
Patrick Delva
AFRICAN AMERICAN » Authoritative, confident, conversational, and cool. A friendly, approachable voice with a flair for comedy and character voices. [Source-Connect]
Paul Boucher
FRENCH (CANADA) » Credible, wide-range, speaks French fluently. [ISDN] [Source-Connect]
Pavel Kuklin
RUSSIAN » Deep, booming, Russian language announcer.
Peter Bishop
BRITISH » Engaging and trendy British accent that makes you lean in.
Peter Reiche
GERMAN » Clear and expressive German voice.
Peter Stern
BRITISH » Smooth, enthusiastic, assured. [ISDN]
Quinn Dalton
AFRICAN AMERICAN » AfAm. Exudes excitement, influential. [ISDN] [Source-Connect]
Rachel Kylian
FRENCH (EURO) » Light and bubbly French voice, with depth.
Richard Topping
BRITISH » Instructional and proper British accent.
Rio Nishioka
JAPANESE » Young and versatile! Great with characters.
RJ Bayley
BRITISH » British, persuasive and appealing, range of accent work from ancient English vampires to grizzled American assassins. [Source-Connect]
Rupa Krishnan
BRITISH » HINDI » Worldly, intelligent. British-Indian accent. Delightful! [Source-Connect]
Sakshi Sharma
HINDI » Conversational and friendly. The perfect global voice for your project. [Source-Connect]
Sakshi Sharma
PUNJABI » Conversational and friendly. The perfect global voice for your project. [Source-Connect]
Samantha Robson
BRITISH » Friendly, intimate, sexy, British, smooth, rich, wry, easy, warm.
Sanjo Ogunseye
AFRICAN (NIGERIA) » Deep and welcoming Nigerian accent.
Saori Goda
JAPANESE » Bright and upbeat Japanese voice.
Saundi Harrison-Cooksey
AFRICAN AMERICAN » Rich, smooth, inviting, comforting, warm, and edgy. [Source-Connect]
Shiromi Arserio
BRITISH » Light British voice. More of a hybrid/Mid-Atlantic. [Source-Connect]
Simon Vause
BRITISH » Trendy and cool British voice.
Simon Haycock
BRITISH » Deep, warm, smooth, and distinctive. An authentic, sincere, and unforgettable voice.
Stefan Johnson
AFRICAN AMERICAN » Masculine, ominous, warm, rich, deep, sexy, and smooth. [Source-Connect]
Sylvie Grimm
FRENCH (EURO) » Bright and engaging French voice.
Tara Gloor
BRITISH » Quirky and conversational British accent.
Tifane Williams
AFRICAN AMERICAN » Warm, wry, authoritative, bright, and sultry. [Source-Connect]
Toby Ricketts
AUSTRALIAN » BRITISH » Trustworthy and conversational Australian storyteller. [Source-Connect]
Todd Levi
AUSTRALIAN » Impressive range with a textured depth.
Ulf Bjorklund
SWEDISH » Well-spoken and continental. [Source-Connect]
Veronika Sawyer
AFRICAN AMERICAN » Warm, textured, and hip.
Vlamir Abud
PORTUGUESE (BRAZILIAN) » Trustworthy and confident Brazilian Portuguese announcer.
Wuzhi Lu
CHINESE (MANDARIN) » Straightforward and visionary Mandarin voice.
Xiao Hu
CHINESE (CANTONESE) » High energy and clear Cantonese voice.
Yolanda Spearman
AFRICAN AMERICAN » Bold, charismatic, conversational, sassy, upbeat, friendly, and soulful. [Source-Connect]
Young Choi
KOREAN » Mature and measured Korean voice.
Zina Rose
AFRICAN AMERICAN » Warm, confident, playful, real. That friend you go to for advice. [Source-Connect]