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Alex Lopez
SPANISH » In-the-know Spanish language voice letting you in on the secret.
Alex Poli
ITALIAN » Classic and traditional Italian announcer.
Armando Gutierrez
SPANISH » Mid-range guy next door Spanish language voice.
Carol Bach-y-Rita
SPANISH » Comforting and knowledgeable Spanish language voice.
Daniel Eduardo
SPANISH » Silky smooth Spanish language voice.
Doris Hanne
GERMAN » Informational and confident German voice.
Echo Shen
CHINESE (MANDARIN) » Bright and earnest Mandarin voice.
Horacio Mancilla
SPANISH » Versatile and accessible Spanish language voice.
Isabella Arevalo
SPANISH » Classic and reassuring Spanish language voice.
Juan Aguirre
SPANISH » Confident and deep Spanish language announcer.
Karen Racicot
FRENCH (CANADA) » Intimate and airy French Canadian voice.
Rachel Kylian
FRENCH (EURO) » Light and bubbly French voice, with depth.
Sumaira Tennent
PORTUGUESE (BRAZILIAN) » Brazilian Portuguese announcer with quiet authority.
Sylvie Grimm
FRENCH (EURO) » Bright and engaging French voice.
Ulf Bjorklund
SWEDISH » Well-spoken and continental.
Wuzhi Lu
CHINESE (MANDARIN) » Straightforward and visionary Mandarin voice.
Young Choi
KOREAN » Mature and measured Korean voice.