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If You Build It, They Will Come.


As iconic as that line from Field of Dreams is, it’s not quite how things work. You have built the thing, but then you TELL people about the thing, and THEN if they trust your recommendation they might check it out and be introduced to something that makes their life better/easier/magical (looking at you Postmates).

Right now, there are over 1400 producers registered and looking for talent on Voicecasting HUB! It’s THE place to find quality voiceover talent agents (like you! and us!). So, what’s the magic fairy dust to get them to hire you there? TELL them you are there! No one can make them pick your agency except you.

Word of Mouth is the most powerful marketing tool there is and, as agents, our producers trust us to point them in the right direction. It took VB years to build their reputation as the place to find quality voiceover talent (a big part because agents sent producers there), but they are now deader than a doornail and replaced by a site that is undermining the industry and our work as agents. The HUB IS NOT VB and isn’t trying to be (once more for the balcony)! IT IS an improvement on VB that mimics how we work and streamlines it. Created by agents and producers, for agents and producers.

It’s up to each of us to power the word-of-mouth machine and TELL every producer we know about The HUB and direct them to find us there. The more people talking, the faster the growth will be and the sooner we will see the floodgates open on casting calls happening there — and showing up in your inboxes. One day producers contacting us through The HUB will be the new normal.

IBE stands proudly with those improving the industry. But we can’t reach every producer on our own, and neither can The HUB creator Matt Dubois. Stand with us and commit to letting the producers and talent you know that they can find you — and your agents — on The HUB! #HustleToTheHUB

— Stacey Stahl

Inspired by Dave Courvoisier’s Article

Low Rates – The Chicken or the Egg?


What drives talent rates down?

Producers offering low rates for voiceover? or Talent agreeing to work for those low rates?

Answer: both.

As a general rule, producers are working to keep the costs down for their client. No one can argue that “How much can we get for as little money as possible?” is lurking unspoken in most budget conversations.

Talent are hoping to make themselves more attractive to clients by being accommodating and saying they can do the work – perpetuating the expectation that you can get a quality product for less than it is worth.

And in both cases – the producer and talent may be working from a place of not knowing all of the details.

So what needs to happen next??

Do talent refuse to work for less than a fair wage? Do producers have candid conversations with clients about the true cost of creating a quality product?


And it has to start somewhere. This is our humble request to let it be with YOU.

It’s time to realize that we’re all in the same boat – and the boat is sinking. Let’s stand together and plug the hole.

HEAR, HERE: Who are the Real Pros?


We've heard over and over again that the VO industry is saturated with so called "pro talent". But you know - and we know - who the real pros are. You can hear it. 

Real talk - The industry has changed so that clients can find almost any sound they want at a bottom-of-the-barrel price. Why pay more to hire a true pro?

  • TRAINING - Pro talent are prepped and ready to give the performance you are looking for in fewer takes, saving production teams time and money.

  • INDUSTRY EXPERIENCE - Pro talent know more than just the lingo - they know the demands and nuance of delivering a trailer, instructional video, and :10 TV spot. You are hiring someone who knows the business in and out, how to incorporate your notes, and deliver a polished product.

  • THEY MAKE YOU LOOK GOOD - Pro talent are more than just a voice, they are part of your creative team. Nothing is worse than inviting a high rolling decision maker to a session and running into tech difficulties, a million takes, and ending up with a product "that will do." Skip that and jump to the fun of hearing your work spoken aloud and collaborating on a project you'll all be excited about.

So if you're a pro talent, or producer - prove it. Prove it in the casting process. Prove it in the budget. Prove it in the booth.