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HEAR HERE: Who are the Real Pros?


We've heard over and over again that the VO industry is saturated with so called "pro talent". But you know - and we know - who the real pros are. You can hear it. 

Real talk - The industry has changed so that clients can find almost any sound they want at a bottom-of-the-barrel price. Why pay more to hire a true pro?

  • TRAINING - Pro talent are prepped and ready to give the performance you are looking for in fewer takes, saving production teams time and money.

  • INDUSTRY EXPERIENCE - Pro talent know more than just the lingo - they know the demands and nuance of delivering a trailer, instructional video, and :10 TV spot. You are hiring someone who knows the business in and out, how to incorporate your notes, and deliver a polished product.

  • THEY MAKE YOU LOOK GOOD - Pro talent are more than just a voice, they are part of your creative team. Nothing is worse than inviting a high rolling decision maker to a session and running into tech difficulties, a million takes, and ending up with a product "that will do." Skip that and jump to the fun of hearing your work spoken aloud and collaborating on a project you'll all be excited about.

So if you're a pro talent, or producer - prove it. Prove it in the casting process. Prove it in the budget. Prove it in the booth.